Design Thinking is in the beginning stages of our first major integrated project of the school year by looking at the essential question: How does my self-care have global implications? Students are tracking their sleep patterns, diets and physical activity to evaluate their current habits. With this knowledge, students are going to explore ways to improve their own self-care. In classes we are focusing on the impact our diet has on the individual and the environment.

Currently, students are building geodesic domes in math. In doing so, math students are deepening their knowledge of structural integrity, and will use their domes to explore equation development and the properties of triangles. Science students are making their geodesic domes into greenhouses to investigate how micronutrients affect plant growth.

As the project progresses, students will gain a deeper understanding of geometric shapes used in construction, how to prepare budgets for construction projects, how the nutrients we take in affect our health, how planting a garden affects communities and how to use computer assisted technologies to create blueprints.