High school graduation requirements and college/university entrance requirements are not the same.

College admission requirements can vary from school to school. We recommend that students check admission requirements before applying to their college of choice.

Students are encouraged to reach out to their High School Counselor if they have questions about graduation requirements or the college admissions process.

English 40 credits
Mathematics (must include Algebra 1) 20 Credits
Life Science 10 Credits
Physical Science 20 Credits
World History 10 Credits
US History 10 Credits
Government 5 Credits
Economics 5 Credits
Language Other Than English 20 Credits
Visual and Performing Art 10 Credits
Electives 80 Credits
Total Credits Required 230 Credits


Additional Requirements
Starting with the
Class of 2026


*Complete A-G Requirements*


 *2 AP or Honors Courses*


*Concentration Completion*
Design Thinking or
Leadership/Public Service

Once a subject area graduation requirement has been fulfilled, all excess credits will be rolled over to the Electives category.

Students must earn a grade of D- or better to earn credits for a class.