Design Thinking Teachers

Jennene Bermodes

Lead Teacher
Science, Leadership

Evan Clark
STEAM Teacher



Our Design Thinking Concentration gives students the opportunity to develop skills to be successful in a range of different fields—including designing, architecture, engineering, and business. Students will learn to understand the end-users, question hard-set assumptions, and redefine problems.

Course of Study Within This Concentration

9th Grade
NGSS: Integrated Physical Science
Math: Functional Design Through Algebra 1

10th Grade
NGSS: Biology
Math: Geometry by Design
Engineering Design

11th Grade
NGSS: Chemistry
Math: Constructing Algebra 2

12th Grade
NGSS: Environmental Science (AP)
Math: Statistics (AP)
Senior Seminar


Student Experience

Activities emphasize creating innovative solutions and testing them for tackling complex, unknown challenges. Students will participate in prototyping, robotics, mentorships, and internships.