Design Thinking Teachers

Jennene Bermodes

Assistant Principal            Science,                        Leadership Advisor

Jessi Chapman                    Video Productions,        Yearbook Advisor

Kelsey Douglas
Social Studies,                      Model UN Advisor 

Crystal Mayer
English,                               Theater




Thinking gives students the opportunity to develop skills to be successful in a range of different fields—including designing, architecture, engineering, and business. Students will learn to understand the end-users, question hard-set assumptions, and redefine problems.

Course of Study within Design Thinking

9th Grade
NGSS: Integrated Physical Science
Math: Algebra 1

10th Grade
NGSS: Biology
Math: Geometry
Engineering Design

11th Grade
NGSS: Chemistry
Math: Algebra 2
Advanced Robotics

12th Grade
NGSS: Environmental Science (AP)
Math: Statistics (AP) or Pre-Calculus
Senior Seminar


Student Experience

Activities emphasize creating innovative solutions and testing them for tackling complex, unknown challenges. Students will participate in prototyping, robotics, mentorships, and internships.