Dear Families,

Welcome to The Cottonwood School. We are delighted you have chosen to join our caring community of parents, families, teachers, and staff. We take great pride in offering your student a top-quality curriculum inspired by the Montessori approach to education. In fact, Cottonwood is one of only 20 Montessori-inspired high schools across the entire nation.

Our approach to learning is at once innovative and rigorous. We believe students learn best when motivated by their own curiosity. That’s why we focus on design thinking and meaningful interdisciplinary studies to cultivate a growth mindset.

We are here to support the community within our school and all families on an educational journey with their children. While our focus is on academic success, we also support the positive emotional and social development of each student. At The Cottonwood Montessori-Inspired program, we are reshaping education through a rich learning environment that provides for the whole child’s growth.

Education goes hand in hand with a strong community. We encourage you to take advantage of our amazing resources, school contacts, and local support for you and your family. At The Cottonwood School we are reimagining community as the complement to a full education.

We value and listen to our families’ suggestions and opinions and would love to hear from you to ensure that we are achieving our goal of fully supporting the Cottonwood community.

Thank you for being part of The Cottonwood School!



Cindy Garcia

Executive Director
The Cottonwood School