The Cottonwood School is WASC accredited and follows California State Content Standards while meeting college entrance requirements. 

We recognize that for high school students to profoundly contribute to our diverse world, they must feel rooted in a supportive community. Education goes hand in hand with collaboration, relationships, and a strong sense of belonging. At CCPA: A Hybrid Pathway of TCS, we are reimagining community and reshaping education to keep pace with the evolving demands and opportunities of the 21st century.

Our hybrid model offers students the best of both worlds: the interactive classroom experience combined with online learning. Students will take the Course of Study in a classroom setting while taking Mathematics and World Language using an online platform or concurrently at a local community college.

Our approach incorporates Design Thinking, emphasizing the creation and testing of innovative solutions to tackle complex, unfamiliar challenges. Students will actively participate in hands-on activities such as prototyping, robotics, Model UN simulations, theater, and video productions as well as engage in mentorships and internships to further develop their skills and real-world experience.