The Design Thinking Concentration is about to embark on another interdisciplinary project for all students. In this project, students will design and build a scale model of a house. This project will incorporate curricular standards from all subjects; in addition to math and science standards covered in the STEM-oriented Design Thinking pathway, students will be reading, writing, and speaking to self-guided inquiries about housing and issues that surround it.

In math class, Mr. Clark is employing Montessori-techniques to teach students of varying ages and in varying classes in one classroom. To do this, core skills are taught in an integrated way, then students are assigned jobs based on their specific class and aptitude (zone of proximal development). In this way, students are on their own educational paths while still being part of a collaborative team. Instead of tests, students showcase their knowledge in projects. For example, algebra students are currently showcasing their knowledge of functions by creating “graph art,” while geometry students are utilizing geometry tools to create optical illusions with self-designed equations.

In science classes, students are working through the semester two NGSS standards by creating their own learning experiences.  Student choice is highlighted in this process, students have identified their project topic, leaning objectives, standards they are addressing, how they will showcase what they learned and even when they will turn in the final product.

Students are investigating a variety of questions some include:

Why are Axolotls going extinct?

How does your body react to trauma?

How does music affect your mood?

Are 3D-printed foods in our future?

Students going to showcase their science projects at the end of the 3rd quarter.