Cottonwood College Prep Academy: A Hybrid High School Pathway of The Cottonwood School

We pride ourselves on being an interdisciplinary, project-based, Montessori-inspired pathway of TCS that encourages
exploration, collaboration, and creativity.

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Design Thinking

Design thinking in a high school involves a problem-solving approach where students empathize with users, define issues, ideate solutions, prototype designs, and test them iteratively, fostering creativity and innovation within the educational setting. It encourages students to tackle challenges collaboratively, think critically, and apply interdisciplinary skills to address real-world problems effectively.

Cottonwood College Prep Academy:

A Hybrid High School Pathway of The Cottonwood School

Cottonwood College Prep Academy (CCPA) is an optional hybrid high school pathway of TCS located in the Buckeye Union School District in El Dorado Hills.

CCPA is a hybrid pathway that includes in-person instruction in English, Science, Social Science, Video Productions, and mandatory online courses in Mathematics and World Language. Our pathway incorporates Design Thinking, emphasizing the creation and testing of innovative solutions to tackle complex, unfamiliar challenges. Students will actively participate in hands-on activities such as prototyping, robotics, Model UN simulations, and theater as well as engage in mentorships and internships to further develop their skills and real-world experience. 

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CCPA Mission and Vision


MISSION (The HOW): CCPA, influenced by Montessori principles, provides an innovative, rigorous, self-exploring education through experiential learning, design thinking, and meaningful interdisciplinary studies cultivating a growth mindset.


VISION (The WHY): CCPA’s vision is to guide our student community to love learning, to profoundly contribute to our diverse world, and to lead lives of achievement.

What’s Happening

Our students craft engaging “PR Package Slides” each week, often using one of our Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs) as a framework for content, to spotlight the vibrant happenings within our school community and keep everyone updated on current events. These slides serve as a visually captivating platform, illustrating the richness of our educational experiences!

Step into the vibrancy of CCPA’s new school facility that we proudly unveiled at the beginning of 2024. Students, faculty, and guests gathered to celebrate this monumental occasion with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony and exploration of state-of-the-art facilities. The photos featured here highlight some of our brand-new spaces designed to encourage creativity, collaboration, and innovation amongst staff and students. 

CCPA’s Road Trip Through the 1920s

The "Road Trip Through the 1920s" immersive walk-through event at our school was an outstanding success, showcasing the remarkable dedication and creativity of our 11th and 12th graders! Through an interdisciplinary approach, students delved deep into the era of the...

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A Roadtrip Through the 1920s

This Wednesday, April 10th at 5 pm, our 11th and 12th graders are gearing up for an immersive journey through the 1920s with “A Roadtrip Through the 1920s.” After weeks of dedicated preparation, they’re poised to showcase their in-depth exploration of various topics...

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Yearbook Club

Our students at CCPA have taken the initiative to establish a yearbook club after school! This student-led endeavor is a testament to their dedication to capturing the essence of their time together and meaningfully preserving their high school experience. Through the...

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Virtual “Ask an Expert” Session hosted by Cal-SOAP

California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP) is hosting a series of three "Ask an Expert" sessions.  These virtual workshops are open to students, families, and educators who have FAFSA/CADAA questions and want to ask an expert. These sessions are from...

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The Roaring 1920s

In an engaging exploration of the past, the 11th and 12th-grade students at CCPA have embarked on an interdisciplinary project delving into the 1920s. Immersing themselves in the sights, sounds, and cultural nuances of this iconic period, the students have chosen...

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