Cottonwood College Prep Academy

An Interdisciplinary, Project-Based

Montessori-Inspired Charter High School

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Discover our program designed for students who are interested in a career helping others.

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Find out about our program for students interested in a career in design, business, or engineering.

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Cottonwood College Prep Academy

An Innovative Public High School in El Dorado Hills

Cottonwood College Prep Academy (CCPA) is a free public charter school located in the Buckeye Union School District in El Dorado Hills.

CCPA’s Montessori-inspired high school offers a hybrid educational program that provides students the experience of learning in a classroom setting while also offering the personalization provided by online learning. Students will take the Concentration’s Course of Study in a classroom setting on the high school campus while taking the other courses using an online platform, all with the support of the school’s teachers and staff.

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CCPA Mission and Vision


MISSION (The HOW): CCPA, influenced by Montessori principles, provides an innovative, rigorous, self-exploring education through experiential learning, design thinking, and meaningful interdisciplinary studies cultivating a growth mindset.


VISION (The WHY): CCPA’s vision is to guide our student community to love learning, to profoundly contribute to our diverse world, and to lead lives of achievement.

What’s Happening

Design Thinking Launches New Integrated Project

Design Thinking is in the beginning stages of our first major integrated project of the school year by looking at the essential question: How does my self-care have global implications? Students are tracking their sleep patterns, diets and physical activity to...

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What is Leadership?

The students in Leadership and Public Service have just wrapped up individual projects where they answered the research-based question: "What is Leadership?" Using their 21st-century research skills, all students wrote informative essays not only defining what...

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ACS WASC Accreditation Renewal Coming Up

TCHS is proud to be accredited by ACS WASC, the world-renowned Accrediting Commission of Schools, Association of Schools and Colleges. ACS WASC ensures schools in the Western US are engaged in "continuous school improvement that focuses on high-quality learning and...

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Introducing Our Concentrations!

TCHS is rolling out an innovative new program allowing students to focus their education in one of two concentrations. Students attending TCHS will now choose one of two concentrations: Design Thinking or Leadership and Public Service. These concentrations will...

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New year, new location!

We are excited to start the next school year, 2021-2022, at our new location in El Dorado Hills. Our new location has a Makerspace, a conference room, and innovative learning areas.  We can't wait to see you on August 16th.

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